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volcano vaporizer



The VOLCANO Vaporizer releases flavors and active ingredients from herbs through vaporization by hot air.

Optimum treatment of the active ingredients reduces the development of harmful substances and odours to a minimum. This means that even non-smokers find the vaporizer enjoyable.

A further advantage of the VOLCANO is the exploitation of active ingredients, being 3-4 times greater when compared with smoking, an aspect which makes the investment in the device pay for itself in the shortest time possible.

The unique patented VOLCANO System technology conveys air enriched with flavors and active ingredients into a balloon through a valve. The generated vapors will be completely collected in the balloon. After the filling the valve balloon it can be completely detached and separated from the device. The content may be inhaled at ease, independently from the vaporization process both comfortably and safely.

With a lot of people turning to vaporization to enjoy their smoke or even for aromatherapy, there are many types of vaporizers being sold in the market. In terms of vaporizer standards, the volcano vaporizer is the best there. Made in Germany, the volcano vaporizer has all the hallmarks of excellent German engineering. This vaporizer gets the best out of your herbs by passing hot air at varying temperatures through the herbs. The volcano vaporizer is loved by many because it thoroughly extracts vapor from herbs making them last for much longer than they would with any other type of vaporizer. The volcano comes with a balloon attached for collecting the vapor as it is released from the herbs. You may choose to inhale the vapor from the balloon directly or release it in to a room. It is important to note that if you plan to release it to a room, the room should be fairly small and enclosed to reduce the loss of the vapor. The balloon comes with 2 types of valves, the easy valve and the solid valve. Made from stainless steel and heat resistant plastics, the solid valve is durable and can be used over a long period of time. On the other hand, the easy valve is simple, effective and can be replaced as often as a user desires.

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Reliable German Enigineering. Scientifically proven to be a superior vaporizer. click here for more info.

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Complete Volcano Vaporizer

Solid Valve -vs- Easy Valve
valve volcano

The Volcano vaporizer comes with your choice of two valve/balloon systems:

Solid Valve

  • Durable construction of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics.
  • You choose the size of the balloon.
  • Extra balloon material is fairly cheap.

Easy Valve

  • Maintenance free design – no cleaning – just toss and replace.
  • Pre-set balloon size.


  • Volcano Vaporizer Sealed In Box
  • Complete 3 Yr Warranty
  • Complete Volcano EASY Valve Set
  • 9' Roll of Volcano Balloons
  • Complete Volcano Screen Set
  • 2 extra Volcano Air Filters
  • Volcano Balloon Clip
  • Storz & Bickel Custom Grinder

  • PLUS:
  • Free 2 Day UPS SHIPPING $89.99 VALUE
  • ON SALE NOW! Sale Ends Midnight
    Regular Price $759.00
    on sale now
    SALE PRICE Only $539.00
    Volcano Valve Kit: Easy Solid

    Choose a Free Herb Grinder or Upgrade
    purple mega grinder
    Mega-Plastic Grinder
    card grinder
    Card Grinder
    Add $1.00

    aluminum grinder
    Large Metal
    Add $5.00

    Notice: Volcano vaporizers sold on this website are intended for legal aromatherapy use. You must be 18 to purchase.  We ship vaporizers to US and Canada only.. 


    easy valve

    Easy Valve STARTER KIT
    Includes: 5 pcs. EASY VALVE balloon with mouthpiece, 1 pc. filling chamber, 1 pc. liquid pad, 1 pc. normal screen set, 1 pc. cleaning brush.
    Price: $119.00

    easy valve

    6 pcs. EASY VALVE balloon with mouthpiece (length approx. 2 feet/60 cm).


    volcano bags

    Volcano Vaporizer Bags
    Set of replacement bags for use
    with the Volcano Vaporizer

    Regular Price: $19.99


    volcano screens

    Volcano Vaporizer Screen Set
    Includes 3 Lower Screens, 3 Upper Screens, 1 Washer, 1 Nut

    Regular Price: $29.99
    Sale Price: $19.99