Vapir One v5.0 Vaporizer


  • Table top
  • Balloon style
  • Digital display
  • Plugin
  • Dry herb
  • Warranty

Since the dawn of time, humans have burned plants, inhaling unhealthy compounds from the burning that aren't found in the original plant. The vapir vaporizers and vaporization products from vapir vapes changes all that, releasing an herb's essential material without many of the toxic elements created by smoking.


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Product Description

Imagine a smoker who uses a vapir vaporizer with tobacco instead of smoking it. No visible tar, little or no carbon monoxide. Vaporization yields only the pure flavor and active substance of the tobacco without the carcinogenic byproducts. NEW Improved performance! NEW Heats up instantly! NEW Stronger Vapor!

whats-includedVapir ONE v5.0 + Inflation Kit – Inflate Vapor Balloons! FREE 90 day Manufacturers Warranty & Featuring:


  • Three Fan Speeds Allows for Specific herbal vape Air Flow Control
  • Key/Lock Mechanism Allows For Authorized Usage Only
  • When Locked, Vaporizer Will Not Function w/o Unlocking It
  • Revolutionary Vaporizer Quartz Crystal Heating Element – Heats Up Faster!
  • Digital Back Lit Vaporizer Display – Allows for Exact Vaporization Temperatures
  • Fully Featured in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius for herbal vape temp control.e
  • vapir vaporizers for sale Users Manual
This is a device as defined under 21 USC 321 for use in aromatherapy and respiratory relief.

Product Description


Table Top, Balloon Style, Digital Display, Plugin, Dry Herb, Warranty