Pulsar 7 Portable Vaporizer

$129.99 $79.95

  • Handheld
  • Pen style
  • Battery
  • Dry herb
  • Warranty

The Pulsar 7 is a compact dry herb vaporizer that is easy to use and has tons of great features, making it perfect for both novices and seasoned vapers. The 7 comes equipped with a solid ceramic heating element, locking system, auto-shutoff timer, and one-button operation. It won’t burn your herbs or your wallet!


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Product Description

Whenever a new product is launched, its success of failure is dependent upon the perceptions of the target market. Consumers have an uncanny ability to tell a good product. The success of the pulsar vaporizer is attributed to the great benefits that users of the product enjoy. Vaporization is gradually being recognized as a healthy alternative to smoking. While smoking introduces toxins produced through the combustion process to human body, vaporization only extracts the beneficial properties from herbs. This is the reason vaporization is now used in medical procedures as well as for aromatherapy. The pulsar vaporizer not only offers these benefits but also gives you the freedom to vaporize from any location of your choice. Being a compact pen-shaped product, it comes with some advanced features that you cannot expect to find in such a compact vaporizer. At first sight it looks like some sort of cosmetic.


Operating the pulsar vaporizer is a simple process, you simply press one button and you are good to go. With a fast heat up time, it only takes you a matter about 15 seconds before you can inhale the great vapor from the mouthpiece of the unit. Being battery operated, it has a long lasting Omicron Persei internal battery that can last as long as 5 hours. This feature is very convenient if you are on a long trip. It also comes with an USB charger which you can plug in anywhere you come across power on a break during your trip. After enjoying your vaporization experience you can simply put your pulsar in the pocket ready for the next chance for a puff. In the event you forget to turn it off, the auto shut off will take care of you. A locking mechanism offers additional security to prevent any accidental ignition while in the pocket. It is made with a very durable ceramic heating chamber that ensures a high quality vapor. This unit also has a convenient LED display. When the red light is on, it means you wait as it heats. When the green light comes on, it means you can enjoy the best vaporizing experience from your blend of herbs.

Although it is priced very competitively, it comes with a few extras. The accessories include a 3-piece cleaning kit, an instruction manual and two quality rubber mouthpieces. A lovely storage case is also part of the package. This unit is designed for dry herbs only and it is best to leave some space at the top while filling up. This space is important to allow for a proper circulation of air leading to a fantastic quality of vapor. It is recommended that you stir after every 7 draws or so to maintain a consistent quality. Compared to other units in its class, the pulsar vaporizer has a very sleek design, produces the best vapor and is good value for money. A six month warranty is confirmation that the unit has been engineered to deliver results. The pulsar vaporizer is available in a choice of black, blue and silver for your selection. If you are discreet in nature, this unit is your perfect match.


Pulsar 7 Includes:

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Herb Chamber w/ Ceramic Heating Element
  • 2 Soft Rubber Mouthpieces
  • USB Charger
  • 3 pc Cleaning Kit
  • AC Wall Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Gift Box
  •  6 Month Limited Warranty
This is a device as defined under 21 USC 321 for use in aromatherapy and respiratory relief.