Pulsar Lux Dry Herb Vaporizer & Vape Kit


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The Pulsar® Lux is a portable vaporizer made for usage with dry herbal blends only. The high capacity heating chamber measures 10mm x 20mm, and is easily filled by removing the snap-on mouthpiece cap.

The Lux is equipped with three different heat settings to tailor your vaping experience to your own specific needs.


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Product Description

High Quality Vaping with the Pulsar Lux Vaporizer

Large herb capacity and discreet size offer the best of both worlds

High Quality Vaping with this dry herb vaporizer from Pulsar

The Pulsar Lux Vaporizer benefits from a large heating chamber measuring 10 millimeters by 20 millimeters which can accommodate large amounts of dry herbs. Not only does this give vapers the advantage of long vaping time, it is accommodated in a compact and discreet vape pen. Vape quality is enhanced by ventilation holes, maintaining air quality and a cool temperature. This model offers superior vapor production and taste.

The Pulsar Lux offers cool and consistent draws of your preferred herbs thanks to controllable heat settings. With consistent taste, long vaping time and sleek deign, the Pulsar Lux offers great value for the discerning vaper and enthusiast alike.

Select your Desired Temperature

One of the unique features of the Pulsar Lux Vaporizer is its multi-temperature functionality. Choose from 3 different heat settings to give your preferred vaping experience. Different temperatures are easily reached by pressing a button on the pen. Temperature options include low, (360 degrees), medium (380 degrees) and high (420 degrees). The different temperatures show a handy green, blue or red LED light when activated. You can control the temperature using the button on the pen and you can see the temperature on the LED screen.

Safety as Standard

The Pulsar Lux Vaporizer a portable vaporizer comes with automatic cooling, turning itself off after 10 minutes for maximum safety. It has a 5 click safety lock, meaning it will never turn on in your pocket or bag. The Pulsar Lux Vaporizer also comes with a 6 month warranty as standard with maintenance being simple straightforward, thanks to 5 replacement metal screens.

Easy to use

Turn on the Pulsar Lux hand held vaporizer by clicking the function button 5 times. The LED screen will activate and shoe the current temperature. Simply flick the mouthpiece open to reveal the heating chamber and put in your dry herbs. Close the mouthpiece and use the buttons to reach your desired vape temperature. The portable vape pen will reach your chosen temperature within 40-60 seconds and will let you know when to start vaping via the green signal light. Cleaning the vaporizer pen is simple and straightforward with the cleaning brush provided.

Long Lasting and Fully Portable

Thanks to the Pulsar Lux herbal vaporizer lithium battery, this handheld vape pen allows 90 minutes of continuous vaping on the lowest heat setting. The Pulsar Lux pen style vape comes with a micro USB charger or wall adaptor, charging the vaporizer in 3 hours, making the Pulsar Lux a truly handheld portable vape device.

The Pulsaascent vaporizerr Lux kit comes with:

  • Lux vaporizer body
  • 5 Replacement metal screens
  • 5 Additional mouthpiece covers
  • Micro-USB charge cord
  • AC wall adapter
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty

The Pulsar Lux Vaporizer is considered an excellent entry level portable vaporizer that represents good value for money. Check out what the pocket vape community is saying about the Pulsar Lux Vaporizer here.

This is a device as defined under 21 USC 321 for use in aromatherapy and respiratory relief.

Product Description


6 month limited warranty

Heat Settings

Tri-color heat setting indicator (Red=360°F, Green=380°F, Blue=420°F)


10 minute auto-shutoff

Charge Port

Micro USB charge port


Replaceable screen & mouthpiece cover

Charge Time

Three hour charge time