Hippy Trips Pen Vaporizers


  • Portable
  • Pen style
  • Battery

One of the most popular portable hand held pocket wax vaporizers available, the Hippy Trips Pen Vape can be used in vaping legal oils, concentrates and waxes. Designed with quality and convenience in mind so you can “concentrate on the concentrates”. Easy to load, easy to smoke.


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Hippy Trips Pen Vaporizers

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Hippy Trips portable vaporizer Package Includes 

  • 1  Tip
  • 1 Chamber & Battery
  • 2 wax vaporizer Coil’s
  • 1 USB portable vape Charger
  • 1 handheld vape lanyard
  • 1 Dab card 4 pk for wax vaporizer use
  • 1 Hippy Trips Concentrate container to match pen

Money and concentrates are no longer wasted due to the specially designed world’s first replaceable coil with bottom charge. It’s a real standalone portable vape and wax vaporizer pen product, unlike anything else used in the market today

Best way to Smoke in the world

The hippy trips wax pen vape is designed to be the highest quality pen in the world and the simplest to use

How to use our pen vape

  1. Load
  2. Put on tip
  3. Turn on
  4. Pull and enjoy

Shades of pens may vary
Notice: Hippy Trips vaporizers portable pen style wax vaporizers  sold on this website are intended for legal aromatherapy use.

This is a device as defined under 21 USC 321 for use in aromatherapy and respiratory relief.