DipStick Handheld Wax Vaporizer

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Hailing as the latest invention of revolutionary concentrate tools for vaping concentrates, the DipStick vaporizer is a state of the art device embodying a sleek, compact design and superior performance, all in one. Built with some of the most advanced heating elements in the vaping industry, the DipStick vaporizer features a battery powered vapor tip that heats up instantly with the push of a button, as well as a durable magnetic top for easy assembly.

Unlike similar dabbing devices such as the nectar collector or a dab rig, the DipStick vaporizer allows the user to load their exact desired amount of concentrate without creating a mess or wasting excess.


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The DipStick Wax Vaporizer kit

The portable hand held DipStick wax vape, a revolutionary new tool for portable concentrate vaping. Unlike any other wax vaporizer or wax vape pen available, The DipStick does not require messy wax or concentrate loading or long down-times due to low batteries. Just dip and go! The DipStick wax vape was built with the most powerful heating elements on the market. Designed to satisfy everyone from the average consumer to the experienced wax vaporizers connoisseur, The DipStick wax vaporizer allows you to choose your vapor intake, ranging from small hits to LARGE clouds.   DipStick wax vaporizers are revolutionary new products from Texas-based Improve LLC, designed for use with honey, oil and other waxy concentrates.

Whereas regular portable wax concentrate vaporizers and portable or hand held wax concentrate vape pens require loading with your chosen vaping material, the DipStick completely dispenses with this time-consuming and fiddly process by allowing you to simply dip the heating element directly into your storage jar and vape away to your heart’s content.

Power up the DipStick by depressing the power button 5 times – this is a safety feature that prevents the DipStick from accidentally activating inside a pocket or handbag. Once activated, the DipStick takes approximately one second to reach vaping temperature. Insert the ceramic vapor tip which contains the nickel-plated chrome coil into your choice of concentrate, wax or honey and inhale through the mouthpiece. Once you’ve mastered the technique of skating the tip across the surface of your wax, this simple yet ingenious design allows you to tailor your own dabbing experience for each and every hit – take tiny little dabs or go large and create huge clouds of vapor with a monster dab – the choice is yours!

The DipStick wax vaporizer is incredibly simple to clean and maintain. The included wax concentrate scraping tool allows you to purge the wax vaporizer of reclaim quickly and easily – the whole unit can be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled in a matter of minutes.

The entire body of the DipStick wax vape is constructed from surgical and food grade materials. Hits taste clean, pure and untainted thanks to the food-grade coil and straight stainless steel airpath on this fantastic portable hand held pocket wax vaporizer.

Each DipStick handheld vaporizer wax vape kit comes fully equipped with the portable hand held wax vape itself,  its own battery charger, two vapor tips, two batteries, two concentrate containers, one interior metal rod, a protective vapor tip case, a traveling case, and a collectible keychain.

  • Unbeatable Flavor : The DipStick is a fresh hit every time. After your hit there is no product left on the coil so you will NEVER experience that yucky burnt vape taste!
  • Ease of Use : The DipStick is a touch and go device. Eliminating the need for extra tools and messy loading. Simply push the button, touch the vapor tip to the concentrate and inhale.
  • No Down Time : The DipStick features recharge-able, replaceable batteries. Never end up in the middle of the day with dead batteries. Carry an extra set of batteries and change them on the go.
  • 3 Year Warranty : The DipStick comes with the best warranty in the industry. A 3 year warranty and a company that stands behind it means you can be confident that you are purchasing the best.
  • You are In Control : Little hits or big, you are in control with The DipStick. Tap the top of the concentrate for a short period of time for small hits or tap the top for the concentrate for longer periods to create HUGE clouds.
  • Fully Cleanable : The DipStick is built to last a lifetime. With heavy use and over time all products get dirty, that’s why we made The DipStick fully cleanable. It’s simple, just soak the parts in alcohol and rinse with hot water.
  • Customer Support : When you purchase The DipStick, you can be assured you are more than a customer, you are part of The DipStick family and we are here for you!
  • Voted #1 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer : Because of the unmatched quality, performance, and customer service that The DipStick offers we have been repeatedly voted #1 portable concentrate vaporizer in the world!
  • Reclaim Chamber : Simple and easy to use reclaim chamber allows you to gather any unused concentrate eliminating all waste.
  • Solid Construction and Sleek Design : A solid aluminum body and slim, comfortable design make it the #1 choice for the best on the go experience.

dipstick-6THE DIPSTICK VAPORIZER Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Instant Heat up
  • Rebuildable Vapor Tip
  • 3 Years No Hassle Warranty—
  • Compact Design
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Instant Heat up
  • Click Tight Magnetic Top
  • Excellent flavor
  • Discrete
  • Innovative—
  • Rechargable/Replaceble batteries
  • —Long Battery Life
This is a device as defined under 21 USC 321 for use in aromatherapy and respiratory relief.