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Vaporizers Over $300

Vaporizers $300 and up Ship for Free! | Vape Giant

You’ve made it to the top. If you’re browsing our $300-and-up selection then you’re a true connoisseur, a vaper extraordinaire, someone who dives headfirst into the finer things in life—ok, we’ll stop.

But seriously though, if you won’t settle for less that the best of the best, Vape Giant is pulling back the curtain on our top-of-the-line brands—just for you. You’ll find the superbly designed Zephyr Ion on sale right now—constructed with high-quality stainless steel and mesh, this tabletop vaporizer boasts a fully enclosed ceramic heating element with 32 separate heat and air channels. This innovation keeps the airflow away from the heating coils, which prevents the generation of toxic fumes (cuz that’s kinda our thing).

Then, of course, there’s the iconic, genre-defining, balloon-type Classic Volcano Vaporizer. Still at the top of the heap, the grandaddy of tabletop vaporizers hasn’t changed its time-tested design in years. And why should it? ‘If it ain’t broke…’ as they say.

For those vaporizer aficionados who want the stalwart quality of the Volcano with a touch more pizazz, we offer the Digital Volcano Vaporizer. With the same sterling reputation as the Classic Volcano, the Digital adds a luminous LED display so you can easily read the unit’s temperature across the room, in the dark, or across a darkened room.