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Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop Vaporizers Volcano Vaporizers, Ariser Vaporizers & Vapir Table Top Vapes

Table top vapes are non-portable vaporizers that basically sit on your table and get plugged in.  They use a variety of vaporization methods including balloon style vaporizers like the volcano vaporizer and the digital volcano vaporizer.  They use a vapor balloon system and offer the best tasting vapor of all vaporizers and vapes on earth.   Tabletop vaporizers, or “desktop” vaporizers, as the cool kids call them, are semi-portable units about the size of bag of Starbucks’ French Roast that stay where you put them, and used forced air, a.k.a., a little motorized fan, to generate a continual vapor flow and much more powerful output than a handheld vaporizer could ever aspire to in its wildest fever dreams. They’re “semi”-portable in that some models do come with a carrying case, but all of them you’ll have to plug into a wall outlet, and sit somewhere in their general vicinity in order to use them. Tabletop vaporizers cater more to the social aspect of vaping—having people over, hanging out and sharing a high-quality vaping experience powered by the reliability and consistent performance of a sturdy piece of machinery that hasn’t spent all day in your pocket bashing against your car keys and the spare change you can’t decide whether to spend on laundry or a burrito at 7-11 (you’re gonna get the burrito—you know it). And Vaporizer Giant carries a whole range of ‘em (tabletop vaporizers, not burritos), from the simpler, no-frills models around $34, to serious, high-end machinery in the $650 bracket, including the classic Volcano vaporizer, and the ever-popular balloon-type models. Remember, we offer 100% free shipping for orders over $50! So bring out your favorite herb vaporizer, oil vaporizers or vaporizer for wax—we’ve got tabletop vaporizers that can handle each, and some that can take all three— call some friends, turn on the Netflix, and argue about what to watch while you all partake of the strongest rips and the smoothest vapor flow you’ve ever experienced!