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Hands-free Vaporizers

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“Ok,” you might say, “I see ‘portable vaporizers and I see ‘handheld vaporizers—what’s the difference?” And we at Vape Giant are glad you asked. ‘Handheld’ is really just a subcategory of ‘portable.’ Technically, anything is portable if you can fit it in your car. But, instead of, say, wedging your Tempur Pedic into the back of your Camry for a weekend trip to your parents’, you’d opt for the air mattress, right? Same deal with vaporizers. Ok, well—same basic principle. Some tabletop vaporizers, while indisputably portable vape (some even come with a nifty carrying case), tend to be a bit on the bigger side, and lend themselves to ‘portability’ in the sense that you can pack them up and take them to a friend’s house for an all-night vaping session. However, if you’re out and about by yourself, makin’ moves, getting stuff done, taking care of business like a sir, hauling around a portable tabletop vaporizer might not be an option. Last time we checked, throwing down your rig on the boardroom table for a quick vape during a staff meeting is kind of frowned upon (unless your job is awesome AF).

That’s where the wide world of handheld vaporizers comes into play. In the car, on your trek to the office, from the office back to the car, walking the dog, shuffling outside in the morning to get the paper—if you’ve got a handheld vaporizer, you can make any of these mundane tasks enjoyable.

The size of a tube of eyeliner or the size of a Popsicle—there’s a dizzying array of models that qualify as ‘handheld.’ From the sleek, futuristic Pax 2 to the slim and streamlined Hippy Trips Pen Vaporizer, handheld vape models are our most prolific sellers. Check out our cutting-edge selection, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases $50 and over ship free!