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Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers & portable handheld pocket vapes, vape pens, pen style vaporizers and more.  The finest selection of premium portable vaporizers and best prices on the market.

Portable Vaporizer” is a rather broad category, it’s true and also known as handheld vape, or a pocket vape. Is it light enough to actually pick up and carry? Can you easily vape with it while holding it in one hand? Yes? Then it is a portable vaporizer. Convenient, generally small enough to fit into a pocket or a purse, you can find portable vaporizers the size of a Bic lighter, hand held vaporizers or pocket vapes, or as big as a can of Easy Cheese, and every size in between.. vape pens, box mods, handheld vaporizers—all portable vapes.

As for what kinds of materials portable vaporizers can vaporize—that’s almost as broad as the range of sizes. You might find a large, handheld vaporizer that only vapes one kind of substance—oils, waxes, e-liquid vaporizer or dried herbs—or you may find a tiny, innocuous vape pen that can power through all four. Within the category of “portable vaporizer” you’re sure to find the right combination of features for your vaping needs, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!