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Vape Giant offers the absolute lowest prices on popular vaporizer products. We have a huge selection of vaporizers. We also pride ourselves in our superb customer service, and ultra fast FREE shipping. We also guarantee you the lowest price anywhere. We are constantly searching out the best and newest vapes on the market to offer to our customers. If you are looking for the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer, The Vapir Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer, the Vapir Vapormatic by air2, The Volcano Vaporizers, The Original Vapir herbal Vaporizers, or the Vapir One v5.0 herb vaporizer you have come to the right place.

Our prices can not be beat and we offer some awesome incentives such as free shipping on select products and free grinders and herbal smoke samples with all herbal Vaporizers purchases.

There are many types of vaporizers in the market today. They depend on the use, style and price. These vaporizers extract vapor from herbs. They are mostly by smokers and also for aromatherapy and medical use. When used by smokers, they prevent the inhalation of the carcinogenic smoke while still retaining the effects of the herb. There are two main categories of vaporizers; the portable and the electric. The electric ones are used at home, are not easy to carry and use electricity as the main source of power. They are designed to be used on tables and are bulky. A few of them have an option of battery use but they are made for being used in a fixed environment.

Portable vaporizers, also known as pen vaporizers, are easy to carry around and can therefore be used away from homes. This makes them very common with smokers and patients recovering away from home. They are simple, hand held devices that easily fit in a pocket. They are more recent in inception than the electric one. This portable vaporizers use gas or a dry cell battery as the source of power. They are easy to use, cheap, and retail all over the world. There are many pen vaporizers to choose from and a novice in vaping is spoilt for choice mostly ending up buying a crappy pen with a short life span. The choice of portable vaporizers will depend on affordability, ease of use and durability among others. They have the ability to produce vapor very fast. Some will produce as fast as 3 seconds of holding the button.

Pen and pocket vaporizers are found in diverse styles and prices. The heating element used in these devices is called an atomizer. There are two vaporizing methods used in pen vaporizers: convection and conduction. In convection, the herbs do not come in contact with the heating element. Instead, the air around it is heated passing the heat to the substance. On the other hand, the conduction heating involves placing the herb to be vaporized on top of the heating element. This may sometimes produce some combustion if not done right.

Most of these devices look alike, with interchangeable accessories. This has been causing a lot of confusion to consumers as it makes it hard to differentiate between the best quality and poor devices. They are affordable as some can retail for as low as 20 dollars while some are expensive. Their price is dependent on the quality and materials used in the construction. Some devices have a powerful battery that allows them to function for as long a 6 hours of continuous use. This is more than enough to last for a day before a user can recharge in the evening. Many of the units can be charged using the ordinary plug as well as through an USB cable for increased convenience. The portable devices have made a substantial contribution to the popularity and growth of vaporization because not everyone can afford the fixed vaporizers. Apart from their great cost, the freedom to vaporize anywhere you please is a great incentive for many buyers of the portable vaporizers.