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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers| Portables, Tabletops, and Vape Pens.

Check out our great deals on dry herb vaporizers in portable vapes tabletop vaporizers and vape pen styles.

We at Vape Giant find it endlessly amusing that regulations have forced the vaping industry to use the purposely vague term “herb vaporizer” to describe these devices—as if people are raiding their kitchen cabinets, desperate to inhale some oregano. Nonetheless, we offer a fine array of products intended for use with dry herbs, from aromatherapy vaporizer blends to legal medicinal botanicals.

An herb vaporizer uses dried, ground-up botanicals (a fancy word for plants), which are packed into the convection or conduction chamber and heated, and—voila!—you can be vaping cloves, tobacco, medicinal herbs, or even oregano (though we wouldn’t recommend it) just like that, without the pesky, cancerous side effects of combustion.

Browse our premium selection of dry herb vaporizers, available in a range of styles, sizes, functionality and price points, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!