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Vaporizers from $200-$300

Browsing our $200-$300 vaporizers for sale selection is like entering your junior year of high school. You’re on the varsity squad now, and it’s whole different world of vapes for sale.

In the $200-$300 range you’d previously find the mysteriously svelte pax 2 vape which is now at a new lower price in our 199.00 and under category

New to the $200-$300 category is the Vapir Rise. This balloon style vaporizer is a tabletop model and accommodates oils, waxes, and dry herbs without the need for additional parts or accessories.

No high-end category would be complete without arizer vaporizers, offering two products in the $200-$300 range—the Extreme Q vaporizer and the Arizer Solo—so now your portable vape and tabletop vaporizer needs are covered by one of the top brands in the industry.