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Vaporizer Giant the #1 Vaporizer Store in the USA Since 1998!

Not sure which Vape is best for you? We make the choice simple with our new for 2013 Vaporizer Shopping Guide!

CBD OILWe are proud to offer the world's best pricing and SAME DAY - FREE SHIPPING on all Herbal Vaporizers, Pen Vaporizers, Portable Vaporizers and Digital Vaporizer, Volcano Vaporizer, Puffit Vaporizer Iolite VaporizersVapir Rise Vaporizer, Extreme Vaporizers and other Herb Vaporizer over $50.00.

Vaporizer Giant Vaporizer Store offering the world's best pricing on Herbal Vaporizers, Portable and Digital Vaporizers, Puffit VaporizerIolite VaporizersVapir VaporizersExtreme Vaporizers and other Herb Vaporizers. We offer free shipping on all vaporizers over $50.00, a free deluxe herb grinder, and sample of Herbal Vaporizer smoke. All Herbal Vaporizers are ON SALE as low as 25% off retail price this week only! Guaranteed the Lowest Prices in the USA!* Vaporizer Giant is ranked the worlds #1 Vaporizer Store.  We are proud to offer all the neest portable vaporizers, including the portable Puffit, Dragonlite, Vapor Blunt, Davinci, Iolite Wispr, thermovape, palm vaporizer.  We also offer the best priced and newest digital vaporizers including the extreme q, solo vape and more! Best Vaporizer!

Herbal Vaporizers Giant offers the absolute lowest prices on popular herbal vaporizer products. We have the largest selection of vaporizers in the world. We also pride our selves in our superb customer service, and ultra fast FREE shipping. We also guarantee you the lowest price anywhere. We are constantly searching out the best and newest vapes on the market to offer to our customers. If you are looking for the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer, The Vapir Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer, the Vapir Vapormatic by air2, The Volcano Vaporizers, The Original Vapir herbal Vaporizers , or the Vapir One v5.0 herb vaporizor you have come to the right place. Our prices can not be beat and we offer some awesome incentives such as free shipping on select products and free herb grinders and herbal smoke samples with all Vaporizers purchases.

Understanding Vaporizers
Simply put, a vaporizer is a gadget used for extracting vapor from a substance through indirect heating without burning the substance. It is mainly used by smokers to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. The concept of vaporizers has been known to man for a long period but it is only as recently as 15 years ago when the production of vaporizers picked up. Vaporizers are used for a variety of functions such as smoking for leisure, medical functions and also for aromatherapy. There are many designs of vaporizers being introduced to the market on a daily basis. However, they all consist of two basic parts, a heater system and the vapor delivery system. The heating of the vaporizer is done in any one of three ways.Read More

  • The convection heating system is the most common system in vaporizers. It works by passing heated air through the substance to be vaporized. It is preferred because it is able to heat the substance evenly.
  • Conduction vaporizing is another method where the substance is placed in a container that is heated directly. Although an old system some modern vaporizers are designed to be used for this system.
  • Radiation vaporizers are rare and not usually produced for the mass market. They work by transferring heat generated from electromagnetic waves.

Vaporizer Benefits
The main attraction of vaporizers is the fact that since they do not burn the product being used, a person is able to avoid coming in contact with harmful toxins. You also get to inhale the vapor from the product but do not inhale any smoke in your system. Users of herbs and other substances report that vapor has a superior taste compared to direct smoking. For medical purposes, a patient is able to completely inhale the pure medical product. Vaporizers are also used to add moisture in a room for a patient with breathing difficulties. In addition, when used for smoking, it is cleaner and does not produce any ash or tar.

Vaporizer Buying Guide
If you have made a decision to buy a vaporizer, you will most certainly be confused by the large number of products available in the market. However, there are a few considerations that you can use as a guide. They include;

The price- Like with most other products, going for a cheap option may lead to regrets later. Although there are some really expensive vaporizers, the majority of vaporizers fall in the moderate price tag and they deliver on performance. Warranty- Any manufacturer who gives a good warranty is likely to have made a quality product. If it does not have a warranty you should avoid purchasing it.

Portability- Because you may want to enjoy the use of your vaporizer in different locations, it is best to go for a compact type. If you choose the bulky type, you may be tied down to using it from one location. Warm-up time – Because a vaporizer is dependent on heat, the duration it takes to heat is important. While there are some types that heat up rapidly others may take a long time to heat. Depending on your expected use, you should make a decision on the most ideal type to suit your needs. Certain types such as ceramic vaporizers take a very long time to heat up. Ease of use – There are some vaporizers that require an elaborate process to use. Others are very simple and you can even operate them using one hand. Your choice therefore depends on how you intend to use the vaporizer. The design- With many designs available, choosing the most attractive one will give you joy. The design may be determined by the burning process, a conduction vaporizer is different from a convection vaporizer.

Armed with the above information, you can go ahead and purchase a vaporizer and enjoy the healthier benefits it offers.

pen vaporizers volcano vapir atmos

atmos boss pen
Atmos Boss Pen Vape
NEW $159.95
jewel atmos
Atmos Jewel Pen Vape
NEW $109.95
atmos optimus v2
Atmos Optimus V2
NEW $79.95
atmos orbit
Atmos Orbit Pen Vape
NEW $169.95
pulsar gemini
Pulsar Gemini Pen Vape
NEW $68.99
pulsar lux pen
Pulsar Lux Pen Vape
NEW $99.95
atmos r2
Atmos R2 Pen Vape
NEW $147.95
skycloud kandy pens
Sky Cloud KandyPens
NEW $98.95
ONLY $69.95
Vapen DH Dry Herb Vaporizer
Vapen DH Dry Herb Vape
NEW $58.00
digital volcano
Volcano Digital

digital volcano
Volcano Classic
hippy trips vape
Hippy Trips Pen Vape
NEW $120.00
Vaporite Budy Pen Plat
Vaporite Budy Pen Plat
NEW $89.95
Sutra Essential Oil
Sutra Essential Oil
NEW PRICE $74.995
Atmos Thermo W
Atmos Thermo W
NEW $69.95
Pulsar Ninja
Pulsar Ninja
NEW $59.99
atmos raw vaporizer
AtmosRX Junior
NEW $99.99

puff it vaporizer
Puff It Vaporizer
ON SALE $120

vapir rise
Vapir Rise
NEW PRICE $249.99

Atmos Optimus
NEW $69.95
atmos raw vaporizer
NEW $189.99

Iolite Vaporizer

wispr vaporizer by iolite
WISPR 2 by Iolite
ON SALE $169.00
pulsar vaporizer
Pulsar Vortex
NEW PRICE $99.99

Bullet2Go Vaporizer
NEW $39.95
dube vaporizer
Dube Vaporizer
NEW $59.95
Pulsar 7 Vaporizer
NEW $79.95
pulsar stylus
Pulsar Stylus Vaporizer
NEW $69.95

Twister Vaporizer
NEW $144.95
710 pen vaporizer
710 Pen
NEW $99.95

710 Mini Pen
NEW $99.95
ascent davinci
Davinci Ascent
davinci vaporizer
Davinci Vapoizer
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persei vaporizer
Persei Vaporizer
MADE IN USA $199.99

palm vaporizer
Palm Vaporizer
ON SALE $109.99

Palm 2.0
SALE $115.00
Vapir N02
NEW! $179.99

arizer solo vaporizer
Arizer Solo
NEW PRICE $224.00

Magic Flight Launchbox
SALE $119.00

arizer solo vaporizer
NEW PRICE $359.00

extreme vaporizer
Extreme Vaporizer v4
ON SALE $299.99

vapir one
Vapir One v5.0
ONLY $149.99

Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer
MADE IN USA $124.99

vapor blunt

Vapor Blunt 2 Vaporizer
MADE IN USA $249.99
hotbox vaporizer
Hotbox Vaporizer
FROM $159.99

easy vape
Viva la Vape Revolt
ON SALE $69.99

Essential VAAAPP
NEW $89.95

dragon lite
Dragon Lite
NEW $79.99

vapor tower
glow herbal vaporizer
Glow Vaporizer
ON SALE $34.99
blown  herbal vaporizer
Blown Vaporizer
ON SALE $134.99


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